Star Wars? MMA promotion announces plans to hold fights IN SPACE with the help of ex-SpaceX employees and rocket engineers

If you want your blended martial arts unencumbered by the constraints of gravity then maybe the newly-announced ‘Galactic Combat’ is for you, as an MMA league announces plans to hold fights in a spaceship orbiting the earth.

Entertainment firm Space 11’s veteran producer, Andrea Iervolino, has a protracted historical past of different tasks – and he appears to be in search of one thing out of this world for his subsequent endeavor.

Iervolino has introduced plans to produce a actuality tv collection that includes 40 MMA fighters who will participate in an elimination event, with victorious members incomes the alternative to combat in zero gravity in a specifically designed capsule exterior of the Earth’s environment.

If you take UFC, it has a huge fan base,” Iervolino stated in a recent interview.

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My goal with this new format is – I don’t want to lose UFC fans, we need to embrace all of them, the whole MMA world – but the goal with Zero-G fighting is to make the concept much wider.”

Plans for the bold idea will see the fighters practice and compete with each other on Earth, with eight profitable fighters then being blasted into area to combat inside a spacecraft because it travels round the Earth for 90 minutes.

Former UFC fighter John Lewis is hooked up to the mission as Vice President and promoter for Galactic Combat, with pre-production deliberate forward of a supposed 2023 launch date. 

When people try to punch you in zero gravity – I don’t know if you’ve seen the video of a baby pushing a person [in zero gravity] and the person goes to the other side of the room,” added Iervolino of his distinctive idea.

It’s a totally different way to punch someone. It’s a very different type of training.”

While the mission, on the floor at the very least, seems to be an overly-ambitious one, Iervolino says that he has a crack group of scientists together with a number of former SpaceX employees in addition to rocket engineers, astrophysicists and astronomers.

When we first started to work on Space 11, we were super quiet about it,” he added.

This one is doable. Having two guys fighting in a rocket orbiting the Earth is easy.

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