Privacy Policy

The Digital News Hub takes the safety of the privacy of our users very seriously. We also provide customized, secure service while taking into account the safeguarding of sensitive knowledge about our customers. Digital News Hub details our data processing practices in the accompanying Privacy Policy Paragraph.

What Information do we collect?

You will be asked to provide details that are known openly at multiple points on our website. As a user, you expressly agree to our collection, storage, use, and dissemination of your personal information as set out in this Policy.

Then, You will visit our website without having to offer any personal information. Nonetheless, if you want to use others on our website, you will be asked to request certain information for registration and/or links to those services/websites. These details may include your name, e-mail address, phone address, without limitation.

Not just that, telephone number, name, age, profession, preferences, financial details, material, IP address, regular weblog details; and any other information you may need to communicate with the services.

How do we USE that Information?

You undertake to use, distribute and archive this information on our servers. If you wish to supply us with the above information. The information that you give will not be sold/leased to third parties; (third parties do not include our group/holding/subsidiary firms or our corporate partners/associates); without your express permission for marketing and other similar activities.

We use the information for:

Developing our website and allowing us to provide you with the most user-friendly, safe, streamlined and customized experience; improving and customizing our website resources, material and other commercial / non-commercial features; sending you updates on our special offers, promotions; bringing you marketing / promotional notices Bringing you newsletters.

Offer you service-related alerts on specific days if it is necessary to do so; give you the opportunity to vote in contests or polls on our website (if you are interested, we may ask you for some relevant publicly identified details. In addition, participating in these surveys or contests is entirely voluntary and you would always have the option of sharing these specific details (or not);

Providing customer service and assistance that you request; settling disputes of any and troubleshooting; avoiding / controlling unethical and/or possibly unconstitutional activities and retaining agreements; providing progress updates and exclusive incentives relevant to our assistance / products. Compliance with all relevant court ruling / decree / order / directive / legal / governmental / law;

Investigate the website’s malicious damage or lawful activity; locate, prevent or otherwise correct security and/or technical issues; protect the rights, assets or health of its shareholders, staff and the general public; and respond to allegations by third parties.

Discloser of Personal Information

Representatives of our corporate family, employees, service providers and third parties under a deal to provide joint resources, advertising and marketing communications; and third parties to which you specifically inquire that we send the information; based on the personal details you submit to us, we will provide you with a welcome email to access your account.

We can notify you, if you want, via email or by mobile. To provide you with these services, we can often attach details from third-party sources to the personal details you sent to us (third parties that involve our group/holding/subsidiary firms and/or our business partners/associates for that purpose).

We reserve the right to reveal the personally identifying details as needed by law and where we believe the disclosure is necessary for the defense of our rights and/or enforcement with judicial prosecution, court order or legal notice posted on our website.

Change of Personal Information

You will access and alter your personal details by logging into the Website. We don’t change the information that you receive. Nonetheless, you will update your personal information as long as the adjustments are required.

You cannot change or uninstall it; nor will you be in a position to remove your account if you make a public statement. Nonetheless, broadly speaking, online access may still be given to reporting any wrongdoing; or we will close your account and remove your personal information from view as quickly as reasonably practicable; based on your user actions and in line with applicable regulations.

Nevertheless, to conform with the regulations, avoid/check illegal and/or possibly prohibited activities and enforce User Agreements; we must protect your personal details from closed accounts; conform with every judgment/decree/request/directive / legal and governmental/specific rule; review alleged violations of applicable domestic and international legislation.

Investigate intentional damage to the website/services’ lawful activity; locate, prevent or otherwise fix security and/or technical issues; protect the rights, assets, or health of its members, staff, and the general public; respond to allegations by third parties; take some other step as necessary by law.

Account Safety

Your User Name is your name. You are solely liable for any activities that exist under your username and you are solely responsible for preserving your password. Don’t say anyone about your badge. You can be solely liable for any acts taken within your code when you exchange your name or sensitive knowledge with others then you may lose substantial control of your confidential knowledge so you may be responsible for legally binding lawsuits in your name. So if you lost your password for some cause, you will automatically reset your password.


We appreciate that your sensitive data remain private. If you submit your confidential details, we consider the data as an asset that needs to be protected, so we employ steps (passwords, device security, physical safety, etc.) to shield the sensitive information from unwanted intrusion so release. Nevertheless, no form of Web communication or electronic storage is 100 per cent So while we intend to use commercially acceptable approaches to secure your sensitive details, we cannot guarantee its full security nor can we promise that third parties do not illegally access or exploit communications or private messages and that no consumers will be able to do so or abuse the personal information you receive. And while we’re working hard to protect your anonymity, we can’t promise that your sensitive details or private communications will always stay secret and you shouldn’t expect it to be.

Is this applicable to Other Sites?

This Privacy Policy only refers to details accessed from this web platform. It does not apply to third-party advertisements or/and links found on our platform and we request that you consult the privacy policies of such advertisers or/and links.

Changes in this Privacy Policy

If we intend to update our privacy policy, we must add certain amendments to this Privacy Statement and we consider it important to advise you about how we gather information, what information we receive, how we treat it, and in what circumstances we reveal it if any. We reserve the right at any point to change this Privacy Policy so please review it periodically.