No, the Hudson River swimmer isn’t going to die after her viral stunt

Donna Paysepar acquired trashed for taking a dive into the formerly filthy Hudson River and posting her stunt to TikTok, however seems: The Hudson River isn’t as polluted and gross as everybody thought.

One social-media commenter described the 20-year-old Lengthy Islander’s swanner as “a dying sentence” and native information pundits hinted that she ought to be extraordinarily frightened about her well being, but two Hudson River specialists see it in a different way. They agree she’s been completed soiled — the Hudson River shouldn’t be radioactive and her plunge went swimmingly.

“We check up and down the Hudson, and the place [Donna] dove in” — inside eyeshot of Girl Liberty — “it nearly at all times meets the NYC customary for swimming,” Rob Buchanan, coordinator for the Residents’ Water High quality Testing Program in NYC, informed The Publish.

However, presumably to appease individuals claiming her Hudson hustle would have dire penalties to her well being, Paysepar stated she plans on seeing her physician for a checkup. Buchanan stated she needn’t hassle.

“What’s a health care provider going to do?” Buchanan requested. “He’s going to giggle.”

The water high quality professional stated that he not too long ago took his daughter swimming within the Hudson and that he’d be very happy to hitch Paysepar for a dip — simply as long as it’s not proper after a storm.

Buchanan stated that 2 or extra inches of rainfall causes the Hudson to be briefly sullied with uncooked sewage.

However Paysepar went swimming over the weekend and never after final Wednesday’s rains, so concern is unwarranted, in line with the specialists.


“Individuals are terminally uninformed and able to mission one thing they don’t perceive,” Buchanan stated, referring to Paysepar’s naysayers. “It’s scientific ignorance.”

John Waldman, professor of biology at Queens School and creator of “Heartbeats in the Muck: The History, Sea Life and Environment of New York Harbor,” agreed.

“Being within the Hudson shouldn’t be problematic; there’s a very well-attended race the place individuals swim throughout the Hudson,” Waldman stated. “The river has been cleaned up and is in respectable form.”

And what concerning the errant droplets Paysepar swallowed, noting, “It tasted really bad”?

Buchanan and Waldman each pooh-pooh well being considerations associated to ingesting the water, which, again within the 1960s, would have been loaded with poo-poo.

“Not a giant deal,” stated the professor. “The Hudson has a horrible popularity, nevertheless it’s come a great distance.”

A lot in order that Buchanan expressed no concern for what Paysepar has known as her “YOLO mentality.” As he put it, “I’m not frightened for her. I’m frightened for [the intelligence of] all of the individuals who suppose she took this big danger.”

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