Meet the TLC ‘Extreme Sisters’ who share a boyfriend & a bed

They’ve acquired to be kinning.

A brand new TLC actuality present “Extreme Sisters” follows a number of pairs of girls whose uncommon bonds and quirky co-dependencies defy commonplace sibling habits.

Premiering Sunday (10 p.m.), the sequence spotlights 5 sister duos in areas starting from Australia to Oklahoma.

Three of the present’s peculiar pairs opened as much as The Post about their loopy closeness — from sleeping in a bed collectively as adults to sharing a vital different.

They share the similar boyfriend

Australian similar twins and YouTube influencers Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, do every part collectively. They gown alike (each favor slinky attire and outsized sun shades), accompany one another to the toilet and even measure out their meals to verify they eat precisely the similar quantity and due to this fact have similar figures. Oh, they usually have the same boyfriend — 37-year-old electrician, Ben. 

Identical twins Anna and Lucy and their boyfriend, Ben (center)
Identical twins Anna and Lucy and their boyfriend, Ben (heart)

“We think of each other as one person,” Lucy informed The Post. “We can never be apart.”

The twins, who refer to one another as “soulmates,” have been relationship Ben for 10 years. They would marry him if they might, they stated, however it’s towards the legislation. The trio met just about on Facebook by way of a mutual pal.

“The first night we met him, we both kissed him,” stated Anna. “It was great from the start. We just hit it off straight away. It’s so much easier for us to share a boyfriend. I don’t mind that he comes over to kiss Lucy, because then he’s going to kiss me. He treats us equally. He knows that whatever he does to one twin, he does to the other.”

Lucy stated that the twins have tried relationship totally different folks in the previous however it didn’t work out as a result of “they wanted to separate us.”

“Ben understands our bond and doesn’t judge us,” she stated. “That’s how it’s been from Day 1. There’s never been any jealousy. I don’t know how we had separate boyfriends. People can judge us how they like — this is how it works for us.”

Identical twins Anna and Lucy want to live life as "the same person" in TLC show "Extreme Sisters"
Identical twins Anna and Lucy need to reside life as “the same person”
Steph King

The twins estimate that the most time that they’ve ever spent aside was once they each acquired breast implant surgical procedure. Lucy went first, so Anna needed to wait by herself for “an hour,” she stated. 

“When she goes to the toilet I come with her; when she has a shower, I come with her,” stated Anna. “You name it and we do it. We’re never apart. I don’t think we’d function without each other. We have separation anxiety. We’re bound to each other.”

It hasn’t been a difficulty to get family and friends to help their uncommon dynamic, they stated. “If you don’t accept it, you won’t be in our life,” stated Lucy. “Anyone that meets us just knows that we want to live life as one person. [We] get Internet trolls and haters online. People can have their opinions — but at the end of the day, we’re not hurting anyone. I am proud of this beautiful relationship.”

They married twin brothers

Virginia twins Brittany and Briana Salyer, 34, are in a “quaternary marriage,” which is when two units of identical twins marry one another. Briana and Brittany are married to twins Jeremy and Josh, 37. Ever since they tied the knot in 2018, all 4 of them reside collectively in the similar home at a marriage ceremony occasion venue that all of them run.

Twin sisters Briana and Brittany with their twin husbands Josh and Jeremy in TLC show "Extreme Sisters"
Briana (left) and Brittany Deane married fellow similar twins, Jeremy (left) and Josh Salyers, and had been pregnant at the similar time, due weeks aside.

Unlike Anna and Lucy, they pressured that they don’t share bed room actions.

“I’m married to only Josh,” stated Brittany. “And Briana is married to only Jeremy. So it’s not that the four of us are married to each other.”

Nevertheless, they plan to lift their children communally as 4 mother and father, moderately than appearing as aunts and uncles to one another’s youngsters. Whether the children will name them each “mom” is a matter that might be explored in the present. 

“That is something that we are working out as far as what our children will call the two moms and the two dads,” stated Brittany. 

The pair met Jeremy and Josh at an annual twins festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. The girls have attended it since 2011.

“The twin festival is not a romance thing, it’s a place where twins and multiples can meet other twins who understand the twin experience,” stated Brittany. “We were always hoping in the back of our minds that maybe this is the place where we would meet our future husbands.”

Josh and Jeremy have a related dynamic to Brittany and Briana — the males had even informed their mother that they might by no means marry except they discovered similar twin girls who had been good for them, Brittany stated. 

“When we all four met, it was this instant connection. I paired off with Josh and Briana and Jeremy automatically paired off,” stated Brittany. “So we never went through a situation where it was like, ‘Oh, which twin is going to be with which twin brother?’ ”

The girls describe it as “love at first sight” and a “whirlwind romance.”

“We kind of knew growing up and as we were dating in our twenties that we would need to marry identical twin brothers who understood our bond,” stated Briana. “We have dated singletons and twins in the past — it couldn’t just be any identical twin brothers, it had to be the right set. And so when we met Josh and Jeremy, we had been going to the twin festival for several years, and they were our perfect match.”

Twin sisters Brittany and Briana are "Extreme Sisters" who married twin brothers on TLC show "Extreme Sisters"
Twin sisters Brittany and Briana are “Extreme Sisters” who married twin brothers

Even although they take into account their marriages separate, the girls admit that “it works best when it’s the four of us” they usually go on group dates. 

“It has been a bit of a struggle figuring out some kind of separation,” stated Briana. “And that’s something the show will illustrate. There was actually an epiphany we had while filming — we’ve never been on individual dates with our own husbands!”

They sleep in the similar bed

Oklahoma duo Baylee Ring, 22, and Brooke Johnston, 24, share greater than a career. Brooke is a trainer whereas Baylee is at school to turn into one, and their first names are each technically Candace.

Sisters Brooke (left) and Baylee (right) in TLC's "Extreme Sisters"
Sisters Brooke (left) and Baylee (proper)
Brett Deering

They are Candace Brooke and Candace Baylee (regardless that they name one another Brooke and Baylee). Brooke additionally named her 3-year-old daughter Candace Ace, regardless that they name her Ace. That custom got here from their mother and father. 

“My mom had always wanted to name her first daughter Candace because that’s her name,” stated Baylee. “She named Brooke, Candace Brooke.” 

Their father acquired the identify tattooed on his coronary heart when Brooke was born, however when it was Baylee’s flip, “My mom said, ‘You’re not getting any more tattoos on your heart!’ ” Baylee stated. “My dad thought I’d feel left out without my name on his chest.”

So her identify turned Candace, too, and the relaxation was historical past. 

“When I was pregnant with Ace, I was trying to think of a name that was meaningful and I couldn’t imagine not having her after my mom, my sister and me,” stated Brooke. “So when Ace was born, I was like, ‘We have to name her Candace!’ ”

Brooke (right) and Baylee (left) are "Extreme Sisters"
Brooke (proper) and Baylee (left) are “Extreme Sisters”
Brett Deering

Baylee resides with Brooke and her husband, Denver. As “Extreme Sisters” exhibits, Baylee typically sneaks into Brooke’s bed at night time, sliding in between Brooke and Denver — a lot to Denver’s dismay.

The exercise is about sisterly closeness, each maintained. “I’m not trying to get with Denver,” stated Baylee.

“The longest we’ve been apart was when I went to college, I stayed for a semester and I could not do it,” stated Brooke. 

Onscreen, the sisters are sometimes proven popping one another’s pimples and selecting meals out of one another’s enamel. Brooke explains that when she was pregnant with Ace, Baylee shaved her personal areas for her. 

“There’s not very many boundaries with your sister, at least in our family,” she stated. “We’re just really intertwined in each other’s lives.”

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