Bullion banks hold mining companies hostage by manipulating metal prices – RT’s Keiser Report — RT Business News

Max Keiser interviews Craig Hemke of TFMetalsReport.com in regards to the prices of gold and silver being unable to sign something, due to interventions in worth discovery.

They agree that the silver mining trade is “in the pockets” of the regulators and the Federal Reserve, “and they do what they want them to do.”

The bullion banks hold the mining companies hostage as a result of miners want money circulate for manufacturing, says Hemke. He explains that the miners promote their product to the banks which give them money, after which the banks take the product and maintain it for themselves. The companies “routinely withhold production because they know the price has been ridiculously manipulated lower.”

The professional means that if folks need to diversify out of {dollars}, they might purchase some bodily metal. “That makes sense… And if we could all kind of make a practice of doing it, kind of roughly at the same time… then we could really make an impact on how this system is structured,” he says.

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