Lavish Weddings Gone Horribly Wrong

Weddings are significant milestones in life and are oftentimes coupled with celebration and merriment. Unfortunately, there are wedding celebrations that do not turn out as expected. In fact, stories about weddings and how they become terribly wrong are quite common in history. It may seem depressing and horrific but some weddings become bloody wrong with stories of brawls and violence attached to them.

Check out these wedding stories and see how they start with a festive mood and ended up in violent rambles:

The Wedding at Leichhardt’s Albert Palais Theatre

In New South Wales, Australia, a wedding went terribly wrong when one of the guests became extremely deviant and rude, groping several women during the event. It was May 2017 when the incident took place, turning the celebration into a total menace and ending up in a brawl that included up to 30 people. Even the groom’s mother was caught up in the molestation, which made other guests all the more furious. Even the best man got arrested when he became aggressive towards the police.

The Wedding at Sheraton Society Hill

The Sheraton Society Hill in Philadelphia is the venue for a 2012 wedding that did not end as everyone expected. There are actually two wedding parties that simultaneously took place at the time. The drunk partygoers got into a brawl after an argument that started in the hotel bar. The violent dispute involved up to 100 people, which the hotel management claimed began the fight in the lobby of the venue to the streets. Policemen came to pacify the situation but they basically need their Taser guns and batons to control the brawl.

The Wedding at Rawa Island

The picturesque Malaysian Island is a usual host to various foreign wedding celebrations. A Brazilian couple decided to choose Rawa Island for their wedding destination but the panoramic view did not do much to appease the brawl that followed after. Four men who were not invited in the wedding became party crashers, in a literal sense of the word. One of the men is allegedly a member of the Johor royal family. The troublemakers were apprehended after they harassed some of the female guests and even injured some of the guests.

The Wedding at Mirama Dining Lounge

In 2004, two separate weddings took place at Edmonton, Canada’s Mirama Dining Lounge. Unfortunately, for some bad luck or something, the two weddings have guests that are members of a rival gang. Needless to say, the wedding guests crossed paths and the rest is history. After the bloody brawl, seven people got stabbed with the inclusion of one of the grooms. There was one reported death while others were bad injured. The victims were all gang members who attended the same wedding. The police, however, did not have any suspects and nobody was arrested for the crime.

Lavish weddings are celebrations of a new life together bonded with love. However, some weddings are not as fortunate and merry as others especially with bloody brawls that accompany them.


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