Month: April 2018

Fitbit Launches Versa and Kids-Oriented Ace Fitness Trackers

April 27, 2018

Fitbit has uncovered three new items today, two wearables and another application improvement for its clients, with the objective of helping them track and deal with their wellbeing. The new lineup incorporates a wellness wearable for everyone called Fitbit Versa, a kids’ wearable called Fitbit Ace, and an application include the organization calls “female wellbeing […]

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The first 9 things you should do with your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

April 3, 2018

Got yourself Samsung’s shiny new Galaxy S9? Make the most out of your super handset with these tweaks and hidden features. Whether you’ve jumped ship from an iPhone or want to know all of the new tricks this Samsung’s flagship has learned since the S8, you’re bound to find something useful here. Android Oreo has […]

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